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Parker - About | 2013-02-25 09:42:00


The quality of Dama (ball) directly influence the percentage of success during doing tricks. We use the most stringent producing process to make sure the quality of each Dama. Pick out the best quality of Dama after shaping, and do polishing and artificial painting several times to make the paint go into the wood pores. It help the paint stick on the wood wonderfully. We still concern and watch each process for the best quality. After that, we put on our own developed surface paint, and it makes the Dama shiny and protects the surface of Dama. Even more, it increases the ability of anti-slip, means you can do some tricks more easy. Finally, we put away the Dama for 7 days to make sure the paint quality.

To have the high quality Dama, it must be under 15 different processes. There is only one reason for this most stringent producing process; we pursue the perfection of each Dama we made. 

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